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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Ale Capdevila who was given to us on December 15, 1985 and flew to Heaven on April 19, 2004 at the youthful age of 18. She is the spirited daughter of Carlos and Kim Capdevila, warm-hearted sister of Lindsey and Nic, and extraordinary aunt to Raylin as well as a sincere friend to so many.  We continue to remember her always. She is truly an angel that was sent to us, unfortunately only for a short time. Everytime the wind blows remember it's her flying by, everytime the rain falls remember those are her tears of joy flowing from heaven, everytime we hear the church bells in the distance remember that's her beautiful voice singing with the angels, everytime the sun shines bright remember its her eyes gazing down and everytime we smell the sweetness of nature remember it's her beautiful aroma that we remember forever.

Thank you for all of your prayers and love for both Ale and our family. Your sincerity is so truly felt. The love you have for Ale has spilled over and begun to fill the huge hole she has left in us... and for that we are so thankful. We have been so blessed by your love, friendship and devotion to her. Please know that we love you all dearly, we are strengthened by your kindness, and it makes Ale glow ever brighter....

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Tributes and Condolences
Glad you're still teaching me   / Dawn Kalo (friend of family )
Ale, You were always a lil spitfire. From when i came to visit your Mom and you bit my son on his cheek. Your poor Mom was horrified, and ran to get the ice. I told you things happen, and asked if you'd like to play with Ericzane anyways. You went...  Continue >>
Sweet angel who watches over us   / Sarah Johnson (cousin)
Dear Ale

I don't know if your mom told you or not but she gave me a bunch of your stuff to make a memorial scrapbook for you.  It has definitely been a tough project to get through.  There has been smiles tears laughter sadness....  Continue >>
What a beautiful Angel you have, I lost my son...   / Barb Krzenski (my angel is with her now )
I just lost my son 11/15/2008, he too was a senior in high school and had just turned 18 11/10/2008.  He passed away in his sleep, like your Ale.  It was a weekend, so I had assumed he was just sleeping in, as he often did on Saturdays.&nbs...  Continue >>
Happy Christmas from heaven....   / IRENE MOMMY TO ANGL KAYLA XAVIER 4EVER (DEC.22,2008)
For Kim...  / Maureen Mason-Mom To Courtney Riley     Read >>
The loss of a child....  / Maureen Mason (Mom to an Angel )    Read >>
thank you ale <3  / Britanie Sattler     Read >>
miss you girl  / Haley Hotchkiss (friend)    Read >>
clay and cindy  / Cindy Hicks (friend)    Read >>
so touching  / Nikki (A Touched Stranger )    Read >>
TE RECUERO SIEMPRE!  / Connie Teran (amiga y hermana de alma )    Read >>
Hi Sunshine  / Cecilia (Aunt)    Read >>
Angel Ale  / Lindsey (Big sister )    Read >>
JUST SAYIN I LOVE YOU!  / Jordan Mason (GOOD FRIEND )    Read >>
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Her legacy
Ale's Message Gets Out  
Last night (9/22/05) I received a call from a nurse at GRMC to thank us.  She had worked the day we took Ale in.  This past spring, her 15 yr. old daughter had suffered from woozy spells.  Her mother noted that her pulse seemed irregular during these spells.  She had an EKG run, and it was read as "normal".  Because of knowing the situation with Ale, the mom insisted on taking her daughter to IA City.  There, her EKG was manually read, and after much more testing, she was diagnosed with Long QT - which was confirmed through genetic testing.  She will have a pacemaker/defibrillator placed in on Thursday.  The family will begin genetic testing.    I don't know if Ale saved a life today, because SADS is either a 1)sporadic mutation or 2) an inherited gene, which becomes a time bomb, that may or may not go off.   I do know that Ale's death allowed this mother to learn about this silent condition and educated her enough to  ask that  her daughter have certain tests conducted.  This family will now be able to have an opportunity for a long and healthy future.  For that I am grateful that Ale's story has been heard.  We still do not have an official diagnosis for Ale until the genetic testing is completed, but all the leads so far point strongly towards Brugada Syndrome, which is the rarest and hardest to diagnose.  For the 7200+ visitors to date that have visited this site, please spread the word.  When you have college and high school essays to write and speeches to give, in Ale's memory, please educate people about SADS.  For more information on this silent condition, please see:
P.S.  Her classmates are now selling light blue bracelets (her favorite color) with "Alejandra42" (her basketball number) imprinted on them for $5.00.  The proceeds will go to the SADS Foundation for more research and public awareness.  You may order a bracelet in large, medium or small by sending your donation and a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Ale's SADS Fundraiser, 2835 S. Main St., Burlington, IA 52601.

*~*El juramento de un verdadero amigo *~*
  Cuando  necesites sostener una mano,  te dare las mias. 
Cuando es oscuro, y no puedes ver. 
Cuando  te sientas  solo, estare siempre cerca. 
Cuando  estes gritando, escuchare tu dolor. 
Cuando  estes asustado, sacare tus miedos. 
Cuando  necesites un  escape te dare un lugar para esconderte. 
Cuando sientas solo , yo estare a tu lado. 
Cuando necesitas ayuda lo unico aue tienes que hacer es decir mi nombre. 
Y cuando  cambies, te amare siempre igual.
~Alejandra Capdevila~

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Kelsey Lees, Laura Miller, Laura Wiebler, and Ale at a Notre Dame baseball game
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